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Practice Sequence #2

Svastikasana (simple cross-legged pose), Urdhva Hastasana (upward facing arms) and twist to either side.  Change cross of legs and repeat. Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward-facing dog), inner knees back, outer upper thighs back — balance these actions, walk hands forward to: Uttanasana (intense forward bend pose) — try two ways: (1) with legs slightly wider than […]

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Cindy Berliner, yoga

Practice Sequence

Some students have asked that I share sequences to help them through the “100 Day Practice Challenge.”  I will try to post weekly sequences based on what I am teaching that particular week.  If for any reason, you do not practice any of the poses listed, simply proceed to the next one.  Remember:  no amount […]

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Practice Tips for the 100 Day Centennial Challenge

Some wisdom on practice from Jaganath Carrera (Inside the Yoga Sutras, A Comprehensive Sourcebook for the Study and Practice of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras): “Good results can be obtained only when the mind attains steady attentiveness to the task at hand.” (p.36)  In other words, try not to become mechanical in your practice — or at […]

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Thoughts on Practice

“First, in order to become unshakable, practice must be performed nairantarya, without interruption.  One cannot take breaks from one’s practice whenever one feels like it or the mind dictates and expect to attain the goal of yoga, which is precisely to quell such whimsical vrttis.  Second, one’s practice must continue dirgha-kala, for a long time.  […]

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